"I don't wanna to be the next anybody," Jack said,
"I wanna be the first Jumpin' Jack instead."

Story is where entertainment and education meet.

Hi, I'm Grant Whitsitt, and I am a passionate Story Artist for Animation. I obtained my BFA in Animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design in June 2016, and currently work as a Storyboard Revisionist on Cartoon Network’s “Care Bears” at Copernicus Animation Studios in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I get out of bed in the morning seeking inspired ideas, interesting people, and the wonderful collaborations that come from them. I am a team builder and motivator, an organized optimist, and an enthusiastically decisive thinker. I think that a project is only as fun to work on as the team is willing to make it, and I am dedicated to inspiring a lighthearted, encouraging environment. My optimism is infectious, especially during times of high stakes or production pressure. I never shy from offering constructive criticism so that I can bring to the table a ceaseless strive for only the very best in honest storytelling.